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Do I Really Need A Website? Here are some vital stats to ponder... 
We have conducted research on the use of Yellow Pages vs the Internet and its clear that there is a huge swing in usage rates over the years. Studies have shown that more people use the internet to find information on local businesses then the Yellow Pages. Forecasts predict that in the next couple of years that over 80% of people will use the Internet over the Yellow Pages and this number is expected to grow higher as young adults enter the market place. 

So, the big question is not "Do I Really Need A Website?" but rather, "Can People Find My Business On The Internet?". This is where we come in and can help make this happen. We have had very good success in getting our automotive websites ranked in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. BUT, TIMING IS CRITICAL. Search engines are now looking at the age of your website's domain name when ranking it, so sites that have been around longer, have a better chance of ranking higher. Also, it can take a few months before it will even start showing up. So, it's crucial  to START NOW instead of waiting.

It's Such A Pain!
We totally understand the frustration you can feel when trying to find the right company for your web design needs. You do not know:

  1. Who to trust
  2. If the company will  be around in a few years
  3. If your getting the best bang for your buck
  4. Will your site generate results

While looking for auto repair website design firms to develop a site for your business, you will want to consider some very crucial things. Although price is almost the always the key determining factor, you should also ask some of the following questions before making your final decision:

We know the task of finding a quality website design firm for your automotive business can be challenging because of all the hype and misleading information that is out there. So, please sit back and take a moment to find out why Turnkey Auto Shop is the obvious choice.

Why is We Are  The Clear Choice? We take the fear, risk and worry out of the equation!!!
We know the feeling that you have when your about to hire a company to build something for you that is crucial to your success. This is not something you want to entrust to just anyone because they offered a low price or hyped up services. So, we have taken the stand that We Will Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is! What's that mean? It means that we want to take all the fear and risk out of your decision making and we have done so by providing truly risk-free, no strings attached development offers. If you are in the market for an automotive website, then we offer to build one for you completely free of charge! That's right, we will design a full blown website for you auto repair shop or auto body shop and also let you use our exclusive CMS software to play around with. This free services that we provide lasts for 5 days and gives you the opportunity to see what we can do for you and experience the power of our software and tools first hand. We do not even ask for credit card information when you sign up for our free Test Drive offer. This is how confident we are in our work and why we take all the risk out of your decision making. Click Here To Sign Up.

Our Wide Range of Professional Services:
We are not just a website design company. Some of the others services that we provide include search engine optimizing for websites, automotive marketing services & consulting, and car repair shop advertising services. One of our most notable services is graphics design which spans into many different areas. Over the years we have developed several logos, brochures, business cards, banners, flyers, magazine ads and even product packaging. We have also designed several forms of digital media such as videos, flash presentations, online marketing documents and more. So what does this mean for you? Simply that you can come to use for virtually all your marketing and advertising needs and know that its going to be done right. 

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