Auto Shop Logo Design:

We have been developing logos and virtually all types of graphics over the past 25+ years! Our auto repair logos are made to grab attention and stand out while conveying a professional, modern look and feel. 

Our automotive repair logo design service begins with providing you a sample sheet of various concept designs, custom developed just for your shop. From this sheet of logos, you can select the one you like the best and we will modify this design or combine with other designs, until we reach the final logo design that you like.

We then provide you with this logo in various electronic formats that can be used for all types of print media like Business Cards, Signage and Brochures.... to electronic media like for your website, videos, emails and whatever else you may need it for.

Appearance is KEY! And your first impression is also vital when marketing your shop. In many cases your logo will be the first thing potential new clients will see either by visiting your website or by seeing your sign on your shop.


We Have Designed Logos For:

  • Auto Repair Shops
  • Auto Body Shops
  • Transmission Shops
  • Car Repair Logos
  • Virtually All Automotive Related Industries


A professional logo will convey that your a shop that takes pride in it's way it conducts business. Yes, your logo does much more then just displaying the name of your shop. It should also convey what you do by use of graphic elements that relate to your auto repair business. We try to include elements such as cars, wrenches and other items that will help to clearly convey your an auto repair business. 

So if your looking for a professionally made auto repair logo design service, then look no further... we have what it takes to provide you with a stunning logo for you auto repair shop.